As with many urban and suburban communities in the Northeast, busy industrial neighborhoods may have many small businesses that do small scale manufacturing of a wide variety of materials. Many of the manufacturing processes involve hazardous chemicals, and over dozens of years, spills and leaks caused soil and groundwater contamination beneath these sites. The contamination is often not discovered though until residential neighbors are affected or until the property owner wants to redevelop or sell the site.

This case study involved three adjacent sites, each occupied by a different manufacturer or contractor, and each contaminated by tens of thousands of gallons of oil, gasoline and solvents. The contamination was discovered when one owner went to sell the property and had to do testing. Legal action then ensued, with a total of 3 legal teams and 3 hazardous waste professional teams doing battle.


CEI worked with one of the legal teams to define the most cost-effective approach for cleanup, and was then hired by all three site owners to remediate the 3 adjoining properties, working with all three businesses to share costs and streamline the process. This unusual arrangement was worked out by CEI engineers despite the parties sometimes hostile relations.

CEI has now engineered and installed a groundwater depression system with free product recovery to collect and dispose of the oil. Once all oil is recovered, groundwater and soil treatment will begin. Remedial system components are equipped with a telemetry monitoring system enabling CEI personnel to remotely monitor and adjust flow rates, recovery rates, pressures, etc. at this site.