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Ditch Maintenance

CEI also completed a comprehensive inspection of approximately 10 miles of drainage ditches and culverts throughout Hadley at a watershed level in order to identify areas in need of maintenance and cleaning to maintain proper functionality and prevent flooding.  CEI then completed a recommendations report that in part outlined maintenance needs, permitting requirements, and next steps for completion.  CEI then worked with the Town of Hadley Conservation Commission to permit maintenance on ditches throughout the required areas.  The Town is now actively working to carry out the recommended maintenance activities.  CEI will also be expanding this project from its previously limited area to a town wide project.  This project will also be expanded on as part of the Town’s ongoing Municipal Vulnerability Preparedness (MVP) programs to improve resiliency to ongoing climate change. 

Bridge Replacement

CEI is providing engineering, design and permitting services to design a culvert replacement of a 16 foot wide x 8 foot high metal arch culvert crossing at Russellville Brook along Route 47 which is in close proximity to the Connecticut River. The existing 16 foot by 8 foot arched CMP culvert has experienced historical degradation and portions of Route 47 have eroded due to misshaped culvert ends and foundation deterioration.  CEI reviewed options for different culvert materials as well as a full span bridge replacement alterative due to the stream characteristics and hydraulics in the area. The preferred alternative was selected based on cost effectiveness, construction duration, time of year restrictions and temporary traffic controls.  CEI selected a 20 foot by 9 foot precast concrete O-series arch with express foundations because it would best balance the limited construction time window, minimize the need for an entire road closure with detour during construction and provide required stream characteristics and hydraulics.  This type of culvert would also provide flexibility with the special footing design that would be required due to the underlying clay soils associated with the Connecticut River floodplain in this area.             

CEI is currently working on final design of the selected alternative and completion of all the required permits, including ACOE Dredge, Chapter 91, MassDEP 401 Water Quality Certification and submission of a Notice of Intent to state and local agencies.  CEI is also working closely with MassDOT to complete the design in accordance with MassDOT standards for culvert crossings and roadwork.  Finalized plans, contract specifications and estimates will be prepared for a comprehensive bid and award through the MassDOT.