Hatfield North Street Sewer Replacement

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Project Description

Historically, the existing sewer main on North Street was susceptible to periodic clogging with associated backups into resident’s laterals and occasionally into the resident’s basements.  CEI evaluated the existing sewer (8” VC) and determined that there were sections that had minimal slope, especially in the area of the historical backups.  Additionally, the existing sewer was located in the grass shoulder area, directly under a row of shade trees, further complicating the clogging issue due to persistent tree roots (especially with the older VC pipe and increased number of pipe joints).

As a result of CEI’s evaluation, it was determined that the most cost-effective solution was to split the sewer flow and redirect a portion of North Street’s sewer flow in the opposite direction, ultimately connecting into an existing lift station.  The remaining portion of North Street’s sewer flow continued in the existing direction, connecting into the existing gravity sewer.  This approach ensured the required minimum slopes in the replacement sewer main, while accounting for the natural topography and minimizing the sewer installation depth.

Subsequently, CEI provided detailed design, permitting, bid and construction phase services for the replacement of over 2,100 linear feet of 8-inch PVC sewer main, separated into the two sections as noted above.  As the owner’s representative, CEI provided full administrative construction services (preconstruction and progress meetings, material submittal review, contractor requisition review, etc.) as well as full-time on-site resident inspection.