Hatfield Water Transmission Main

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Project Description

CEI provided design, bidding, construction administration services and field inspection to the Town of Hatfield for their critical Water Transmission Main project.This water system project consisted of approximately 19,000 feet of 16-inch diameter water main including a 400 foot long directional drill under Interstate 91, a 50 foot long pipe jacking under the railroad, and a 100 foot long utility bridge crossing of the Mill River.The directional drill section under Interstate 91 utilized a 30-inch diameter (outside) HDPE casing pipe with a 16-inch diameter (inside) HDPE carrier pipe, to obtain the required hydraulic capacity while complying with Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT) requirements for containing the pressurized water main within a casing to minimize the risk of disruption to the roadway if there is a future water main leak.

The project was split into multiple phases to accommodate permitting schedules and available funding.The new water transmission main replaces an existing 14-inch diameter asbestos cement water main and 8-inch cast iron water main that are susceptible to failure due to poor installation in saturated soils, through wetland areas, and exposed river crossings.CEI provided detailed design, permitting, bid and construction phase services for each phase of this project.As the owner’s representative, CEI provided full administrative construction services (preconstruction and progress meetings, material submittal review, contractor requisition review, etc.) as well as full-time on-site resident inspection.