Hatfield Water and Sewer Route 5

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Project Description

CEI is providing design, bidding, construction administration and field inspection services to the Town of Hatfield for this critical infrastructure improvement project that will support economic development along West Street (Route 5).  Hatfield is a small rural town that strives to preserve its rural/agricultural character while promoting sustainable economic development. The Route 5 corridor (West St) from Northampton to Whately is a key location that the Town has identified for promoting further development. Stiebel Eltron (world leading developer and manufacturer of energy efficiency products) presently has their Western Hemisphere headquarters on West Street just south of the project area and has recently acquired property within the project area, for further expansion of their business within Massachusetts. 

The project extends sewer service on Route 5 from Linseed Rd to Rocks Rd, and water service for 2200 ft along Route 5 south of Rocks Rd. Recent improvements (separate water transmission main project) have extended water to the northern end of the project area. Proposed sewer improvements comprise a gravity sewer, pump station, and a 4-inch force main to convey wastewater from the project area to the Town’s existing sewer system.

CEI has completed the conceptual design and is actively working on the development of construction documents (estimate 50% complete), in anticipation of bidding this project during the upcoming winter/spring, with construction starting in Summer 2020.