Newington-Dover Utility Coordination & Soundwall Design

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Project Description

CEI completed utility coordination and soundwall design for the expansion of the Spaulding Turnpike in Newington and Dover, New Hampshire. Under this five-year project, CEI was responsible for verifying and mapping the location of utilities in Microstation through direct contact with the numerous utilities and Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE) field investigations. CEI worked directly with NHDOT, the design engineer and the utilities to coordinate utility relocation efforts necessary to complete the expansion improvements. This was a multi-step process following NHDOT protocol and required persistence and excellent tracking and record keeping to stay on top of the multiple facets of the project and to keep the project on schedule. CEI developed an in-house QA/QC and progress tracking methodology to document the coordination activities and ensure the project stayed on track.

CEI also designed soundwalls for the highway expansion. It included the preparation of a soundwall type study to identify options and costs for soundwalls and presentation at public meetings. This was particularly important for the Pomeroy Cove area, where aesthetics played an important role in the selection of soundwalls to attempt to maintain the existing views of the cove. CEI was also responsible for the ultimate design for construction of soundwalls under the five separate construction contracts.