DOD Facility Water Audits - Army National Guard/Quartermaster's Office

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Under a long-term environmental services agreement with the Army National Guard, CEI worked with the Quartermaster’s Office to prepare facility audits for groundwater protection. A facility water audit as it relates to groundwater protection was completed at several facilities throughout the region to help prevent contamination to the underlying Zone II Productive Aquifer. Audits considered indoor oil storage and handling practices, inspection and recordkeeping procedures, security measures, personnel training, spill prevention procedures, control measures, drainage and other site features that may pose a threat to the underlying aquifer.

CEI also reviewed water use by collecting and assessing existing information and data pertaining to water usage at each facility. CEI interviewed site representatives regarding water use habits including landscape irrigation, vehicle wash programs, and general conservation practices. Based on the above water use information, CEI developed a water conservation program for each facility and discussed issues like water re-use, low flow devices and landscape management. CEI also provided recommendations in applicable areas and included potential costs associated with each recommendation.