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CEI Provides Multi-Disciplinary Civil Engineering and Environmental Services

Comprehensive Environmental Inc. (CEI) is a civil engineering and environmental services firm providing expert consulting and design services to Federal, state, municipal, non-profit, and private clients. Employee-owned, we have an expert staff of civil, environmental, geotechnical, chemical and transportation engineers, scientists, planners, modeling and field technicians make us a unique multidisciplinary firm. Areas of expertise include stormwater, remediation, drinking water, wastewater, transportation, water resources and construction services.



CEI is proud to have been named a 2018 Best Firm To Work For in three separate categories of Geotechnical Engineering, 

Environmental Services and Civil Engineering. CEI was ranked #1 Best Firm to Work For in the Geotechnical Engineering category, ranked #3 in the Environmental Services category, and ranked #10 in the Civil Engineering category.

CEI is the only firm in the country to be ranked in the top 10 in all three categories!

Events - CEI Presentations

*Upcoming events and conferences have been cancelled or postponed until further notice due to the COVID-19 public health issue*