Vulnerability Assessment - Army National Guard/Quartermaster's Office

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CEI worked with the Army National Guard to complete a Vulnerability Assessment (VA) for a DOD facility. The purpose of this VA was to improve the overall safety and security of the facility water supply. This VA was part of the site’s Water Resources Management Plan as required by AR 420-49. The purpose of the assessment was to: 1) identify potential vulnerable areas in the system, and 2) provide recommendations aimed at improving ARNG’s ability to prevent and react to potential threats, such as accidental spills, vandalism and planned attacks. Task elements included:

•     Determination and mapping of infrastructure layout, including system components and data like size, function, volume and capacity.

•     Identification of deterrents and detection methods including photodocumentation, existing security measures, access factors, proximity to hazardous materials, back-up power and operator use.

•     Threat assessment including physical impacts, chemical and spill threats, biological hazards, nuclear issues and natural disaster scenarios.

•     Identification of system vulnerabilities at source, treatment area and other infrastructure components.

•     Windshield survey of surrounding land uses and potential threats.

•     Risk rating of system components based on service number, volume, capacity and security status.

•     Prioritized plan covering security upgrades, procedure modifications and other policy recommendations in discussion with identified vulnerabilities.

CEI also completed a facility audit and water audit for this location to compile an overall water resources management plan.