Town of Lincoln, MA Pavement Management

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Project Description

CEI completed construction plans for the first phase of a major roadway program in Lincoln, Massachusetts.  The project included a comprehensive public participation effort where CEI led discussion in a series of workshop meetings to define elements that are desired within the roadway corridor.  A key local concern is speeding on the program roadways.  Many traffic calming elements have been considered and reviewed during the public workshop meetings.  The narrowness of the existing roadways is recognized as beneficial in calming traffic.  Working with local officials and members of the community, CEI developed a design strategy to maintain and embrace the narrow roadway widths. Lincoln is located in the midst of numerous important environmental resources. While storm drainage systems will be improved to prolong pavement life, hydraulics and hydrology within the roadway and roadside areas are being studied where CEI can provide recommendations and design improvements to reduce roadway flooding and improve water quality.

A well designed roadway with width and surface treatment in scale with the neighborhood and the roadway’s intended functional classification, serves to give drivers constant clues of appropriate operating speed. CEI assisted the Town with the following project elements:

  • Establish Lincoln’s Design Criteria for Primary Roads
  • Review existing conditions
  • Develop recommendations
  • Prepare plans and contract documents
  • Construction Services