Wareham Fire District Purification Plant Construction

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Project Description

The Wareham Fire District (Water Department) is constructing the Maple Springs Water Purification Plant to address ongoing water quality concern. The 3.0 MGD greensand filtration facility (four filters) has the ability to be expanded to a future capacity of 4.5 MGD with the addition of two more filters. The new treatment facility will be attached to the District’s existing corrosion control facility to facilitate operations, with a complete replacement of the existing dry chemical feed systems (i.e. lime). Provisions have been incorporated into the facility for the future addition of process elements/equipment to address potential future water quality issues at a minimal additional cost such as UV reactors (for virus inactivation) and a 36-inch diameter pipe loop (for CT if required under the Groundwater Rule). A portion of the site was previously used as an impromptu shooting range and requires removal/remediation of lead contaminated soils, with CEI providing the associated LSP services.