Town of South Kingstown, RI water modeling

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Project Description

The Town of South Kingstown, RI retained CEI to complete a water quality study focused on resolving recent and reoccurring total coliform detections within their South Shore water distribution system.CEI reviewed historical data, met with water department staff and RI officials, and developed a water distribution system hydraulic model. The hydraulic model was programmed to operate in extended run model to simulate the changing water demands and system operations occurring over time including analysis of water age and chlorine residuals throughout the system.

Pipe c-values in model were calibrated against fire flow test field results.Extended operation simulations were calibrated against actual tank levels. Results of the analysis with recommendations were provided. A Revised Total Coliform Rule (RTCR) Phase 2 evaluation was completed and submitted to the state. The project included design and construction phase engineering services to implement a chlorination facility at the Mautucket Road Water Storage Tank.