Vehicle Wastewater System Assessment - Army National Guard

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This project involves evaluation and maintenance of individual system components of a National Guard vehicle wash. The system is primarily a closed system, meaning that the water used for vehicle washing is cleaned by the treatment system components and subsequently reused for vehicle washing. The system includes concrete wash pads that drain into a long rectangular sediment settling trench. Larger and heavier sediment settles to the bottom of the trench and moderately clarified water flows over a fixed weir and into a holding tank. Water is transferred from this tank utilizing sump pumps and through a multi-stage treatment system consisting of the following processes: solids separators, multi-media filters (anthracite, sand, filter substrate), polishing filters (cartridge type) and turbohydrozone units (ozone addition). Treated water is discharged into a holding tank from which it is pumped (vertical turbine pump) directly into the wash system header for vehicle wash use. CEI completed a thorough review of the system processes and provided recommendations on how to restore and/or improve system performance.