Stormwater & Mapping services, Clinton, MA

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CEI has provided engineering services to the Public Works Department of the Town of Clinton, Massachusetts and has completed a variety of municipal engineering and infrastructure related projects over the course of many years. CEI first developed a stormwater master plan for the Town of Clinton to outline current and future needs anticipated by the town.  CEI assisted the Town in obtaining funding of this project under the Clean Water State Revolving Fund (CWSRF) program administered by the MassDEP. 

Next steps included infrastructure mapping and assessment, water quality investigation and assessment and stormwater management planning.  Stormwater infrastructure mapping involved extensive field work to identify infrastructure locations of approximately 1,100 manholes/catch basins and 45 outfalls using global positioning systems (GPS).  The GPS locations of these structures were imported to GIS. CEI prioritized the stormwater system by evaluating pollutant loads. The stormwater management plan included development of educational materials, development of a training program and procedures for inspections, review of local regulations, development of a SWPPP for municipal facilities, development of an optimized O&M plan for stormwater, establishment of a stormwater infrastructure rehabilitation/replacement program, development of conceptual BMPs to address water quality problems and development of a comprehensive stormwater compliance budget.

Operation and Maintenance Plan

CEI also developed an O&M Plan that included Standard Operation Procedures (SOPs) for street sweeping, catch basin cleaning, inspecting and cleaning outfalls and BMP structures, and snow removal. The street sweeping and catch basin cleaning programs include a methodology and forms for recording information on the amount of sediment collected from specific cleaning routes and documentation of structures that are more than 50% full. This information will be used to optimize future cleanings by prioritizing those areas that require more frequent cleaning. Maintenance schedules and inspection checklists were also prepared for stormwater outfalls and best management practices (BMPs) owned by the Town, along with a maintenance/repair log to track improvements. The O&M Plan and SOPs provide a consistent protocol for use by Town employees and comply with the proposed draft municipal separate storm sewer system (MS4) permit requirements.

As part of this larger project to develop a Stormwater Management Plan for the Town of Clinton, CEI prepared a nutrient source identification plan, consistent with the requirements of the Massachusetts 2016 MS4 permit. The plan identified pollutant loads from each outfall catchment area discharging to a nutrient impaired stream and applied nutrient reductions for existing and proposed non-structural and structural BMPs to achieve reduction goals.

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