Richard Cote, P.E., LSP

Principal Engineer

800.725.2550 or 508.281.5160

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Rick is a CEI Principal Engineer with 35+ years of experience, 26 at CEI.

Rick is a Professional Engineer and Licensed Site Professional in Massachusetts and leads CEI’s hazardous waste assessment and remediation division. He has assessed and closed dozens of sites throughout his 35+ year career, many in the New England region. Rick is a Principal at CEI with a B.S. in Microbiology and M.S. in Civil Engineering.

Rick worked on the Bluff Road, SC Superfund Site doing on-site waste destruction of shock sensitive and explosives from lab packs. EPA/State Cleanup.

Fast Facts:

  • Rick has moved or provided significant assistance on nearly a dozen sites through the NPL process to final cleanup including:
    • ReSolve NPL Site, MA - RI/FS, ROD

    • Davis Liquid NPL Site, MA - RI/FS, ROD

    • Savage Well NPL Site, NH - RI/FS, ROD

    • Dover Landfill NPL Site, NH - RI/FS, ROD

    • Woburn Well 11 G&H NPL Site, MA - RD/RA

    • Bluff Road NPL Site, SC - RD/RA

    • Dewey Loeffel NPL Site, NH - RD/RA

    • Ottati & Goss NPL Site, NH - RD/RA

    • Kimbuck NPL Site, NJ - RD/RA