Here you'll find an overview of what to expect in terms of pricing, and what CEI can do to help!



Rural, Suburban and Urban Pricing Breakdown - PDF Download



The M$4CASTER™ is a tool developed by CEI for pricing total, consultant, and municipal costs for the new MA MS4 NPDES Phase II Permit.

M$4CASTER™ Advantage

  • Run 'What If' scenarios to reduce costs
  • Community specific input for custom cost estimates
  • Summary of major program components
  • Schedule for implementation by year
  • Incorporate work completed to date into cost matrix


Check out the full M$4CASTER PDF Download here




Click left for a 2-minute tutorial narrated by CEI NPDES expert Nick Cristofori, P.E. as he discusses the advantages of CEI's M$4CASTER™ tool and how it can work to save your community time and money.


For more information on CEI's M$4CASTER™ or NPDES MS4 Stormwater Services please contact Nick Cristofori, P.E. directly at 508.281.5160 x303 or