Welcome to CEI's MS4 Permit Directory! Here you'll find information on everything you'll ever need to know about MS4 permitting basics as well as all the NPDES MS4 services and resources that CEI has to offer. From full presentations and blogs, to instructional videos and official .gov links, all the information you'll need is here!



We've compiled a comprehensive guide to the basic requirements of the MS4 permit. What steps will you need to take? What requirements are specific to your state? How can CEI help you?




Here you'll find a straightforward look at the costs involved in permitting and consulting, as well as useful tools to help you manage them!




Curious about the latest field work methodology, technology and practices? This topic will address field work, including a demonstration of field sampling kits and discussion of opportunities to combine efforts for cost savings purposes.




 The following presentations represent a selection of case studies and unique projects that CEI has undertaken in partnership with local municipalities, regional entities, and government agencies to cooperatively address and remediate stormwater pollution.  Topics such as water quality improvements, stormwater BMP design, and NPDES MS4 compliance are addressed.




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