Navigating the New Stormwater Permit, New Tools for Smooth Sailing Through MS4 Compliance
Sponsored & Produced by CEI
In cooperation with the U.S. EPA, MassDEP, and select Massachusetts communities and organizations

On March 30, 2017 CEI sponsored and produced Navigating the New Stormwater Permit, New Tools for Smooth Sailing through MS4 Compliancin Marlborough, MA. Attended by over 100 stormwater managers from around the state, this conference focused on the recently issued MS4 stormwater permit in Massachusetts.


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MS4 Stormwater Basics


MA MS4 Permit Basics

MA MS4 Permit Resources

How to Meet the New MA MS4 Permit Requirements

presented by Newton Tedder, U.S. EPA

This presentation provides an overview on the permit, including background, discussion of the six minimum measures, and an analysis on how best to comply with permit requirements.  

PDF Presentation Download - How to Meet the New MA MS4 Permit Requirements

Additional Information:

U.S. EPA  - Massachusetts Small MS4 General Permit

MassDEP - Stormwater Outreach Materials to Help Towns Comply with the MS4 Permit



MS4 Stormwater Field Work Methods and Techniques

presented by CEI Field Staff and EagleEye Aerobotics™

The permit requires extensive field work, including outfall inspections, sampling, and system mapping.  This topic will address field work, including a demonstration of field sampling kits and discussion of opportunities to combine efforts for cost savings purposes.  This topic will also discuss opportunities to use unmanned aerial vehicles to perform tasks that may otherwise be difficult, as well as features such as 2D orthomosaic creation, 3D digital surface modeling and other value-added opportunities.

PDF Presentation Download - MS4 Stormwater Field Work Methods and Techniques

Additional Information: Engineering & Environmental Services Using sUAS Platforms



M$4CASTER™ Pricing Model and How It Can Help With Budgeting

presented by CEI

A new model called M$4CASTER™ is an advanced pricing model that considers the 140+ Performance Action Items in the new permit to provide budgetary figures, including a breakdown of municipal and consultant costs, multi-year schedules, and work done to date, to develop a program cost.

PDF Presentation Download - M$4CASTER™ Pricing Model and How It Can Help With Budgeting

Additional Information: M$4CASTER™ Pricing Tool


Yarmouth MS4 Program Implementation

presented by Town of Yarmouth and CEI

As one of the leading Massachusetts communities, Yarmouth is actively implementing many of the new MS4 program requirements.  Work to date has included completion of a written Stormwater Management Program (SWMP) Plan, Illicit Discharge, Detection, and Elimination (IDDE) Plan, and much of the required mapping.  This presentation discusses lessons learned, as well as ongoing Operation and Maintenance (O&M) work currently ongoing throughout the community.

PDF Presentation Download - Yarmouth MS4 Program Implementation

Additional Information: Yarmouth MS4 Project Overview




Cape Cod Nitrogen BMP Construction

presented by the U.S. EPA and CEI

The Town of Barnstable and Town of Chatham both have waterbodies subject to Nitrogen TMDLs that identify stormwater as a source of nitrogen load.  In cooperation with U.S. EPA Region 1, Town of Barnstable and Town of Chatham, two stormwater BMPs were designed and constructed consisting of a hybrid above-ground bioretention area with a subsurface gravel wetland to remove nitrogen from stormwater.  The project also has an ongoing water quality monitoring component.

PDF Presentation Download - Cape Cod Nitrogen BMP Construction  

Cape Cod Nitrogen BMP Project Poster


IDDE & CSO Investigations in the City of Fall River

presented by City of Fall River and CEI

As one of the largest cities in Massachusetts and with approximately 75% of stormwater collected in combined sewer systems, the City of Fall River has unique challenges to maintain compliance with both Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO) and MS4 permit requirements.  This presentation discusses methods and techniques used to perform IDDE inspections, the ongoing results of the City’s program, as well as what methods will be used in the future to ensure compliance.  

PDF Presentation Download - IDDE & CSO Investigations in the City of Fall River

Additional Information: Fall River CSO Abatement Program




Tree Canopy Stormwater Credit System

presented by CEI

As part of the new permit, communities must develop a regulatory mechanism and accompanying regulations that in part address Low Impact Development (LID), street and parking lot design, and opportunities for implementation of Green Infrastructure. Through a project funded by EPA and MassDEP, CEI has compiled data showing the stormwater benefits of retaining or planting trees, as overhanging tree canopy can effectively reduce annual runoff from paved surfaces. CEI has also developed an innovative regulatory component, including a stormwater credit system, to promote the preservation and planting of trees.  This session summarizes the study’s findings.

PDF Presentation Download - Tree Canopy Stormwater Credit System

Additional Information:


Regional Approach to MS4 Compliance

presented by Berkshire Regional Planning Commission and CEI

Recognizing the benefits of a regional approach to complying with the new permit, the Berkshire Regional Planning Commission (BRPC) is working with the Towns of Adams, Cheshire, Dalton and Lanesborough and the City of Pittsfield to form a NPDES Regional Working Group for a collaborative approach to permit compliance.  The M$4CASTER™ was used to compare permit compliance costs on an individual vs. regional basis and outline the potential savings and benefits from a regional approach.

PDF Presentation Download - Regional Approach to MS4 Compliance

Additional Information: BRPC



CEI would like to thank all those who participated in this highly successful event including speakers and attendees.