More Than Just a Study

Our philosophy is that watershed management studies and plans should not be reports collecting dust – they should be a user-friendly guide on how to manage your resource – whether it’s for protection or restoration – a good study always has equally as good recommendations that are feasible, implementable and goal oriented. CEI understands the need for results.

CEI’s team of biologists, environmental scientists and engineers are experienced in providing comprehensive limnology services to assist our clients in improving their local waterbodies. CEI’s expertise in investigating water quality and bacteria issues; opening beaches and increasing recreational uses; identifying stormwater impacts; measuring streamflow; addressing sediment- ation and aquatic weeds and overall watershed management has helped many communities and new generations reconnect with their local natural resources.

Limnology services include: 

  • Water Quality Monitoring & Sampling
  • Sediment Sampling/Dredging Analysis
  • GIS/GPS/Bathymetric Mapping
  • Hydrologic Evaluations
  • Streamflow Analysis
  • Nutrient Budgets
  • Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) Studies
  • Bank Restoration
  • Bacteria Source Investigation
  • Watershed Management Plans