Large storms combined with high tide events were overloading the town’s wastewater treatment facility. An upgrade to the treatment plant capacity was limited by EPA and DEP due to environmental concerns, so the town worked on several other methods to reduce flows so that more homes could be tied into the plant.

CEI was hired by the Town of Scituate, MA to evaluate the sanitary system under DEP guidelines for Sewer System Evaluation Surveys (SSES) . The project was SRF funded and included an inventory of existing conditions, initial flow monitoring, rainfall monitoring, recommendations for further study of infiltration/inflow (I/I), ranking of highest priority subsystems for repair, manhole studies, house-  to-house inspections, television testing of lines and flow isolation. Later I/I studies completed by CEI recommended rehabilitation projects to address those areas with the highest infiltration rates.

CEI designed and oversaw the construction of several sewer rehabilitation projects. The studies’ recommendations included addressing those areas of high infiltration rates resulting from aged or damaged pipes and structures within the system. Phase I of the rehabilitation was funded under the Massachusetts SRF program to address those areas of the system experiencing the highest rates of infiltration and included lining and sealing approximately 12,300 l.f. of sewer pipe and 62 manholes. Trenchless technology was extensively utilized when feasible in order to limit the impact of the project on residents. Subsequent Phases have addressed infiltration within each sewer district identified during the SSES work. CEI performs full service project development from engineering design through bid services and administrative and on-site construction services.

As the result of the above work, the town has been able to prioritize certain areas for connection to the wastewater treatment plant and a number of additional homes have been sewered around the town’s water supply reservoir.