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Massachusetts Contingency Plan – Remediation 101

November 19th, 2013 by Rick Cote, P.E., LSP

I often receive calls from various business owners and property managers looking for assistance when a release has occurred or historic contamination has been discovered. Inevitably, the first segment of our conversation involves discussion of the following three topics in no particular order: 1) the MCP; 2) reporting and notification requirements; and 3) LSPs.

MCP – The Massachusetts Contingency Plan (fondly referred to as the ‘MCP’) is a regulatory framework published in 1993 with the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (MassDEP) taking the regulatory lead. The MCP outlines the procedures and timeline to be followed at contaminated sites to complete the required response actions for the protection of health, safety, public welfare, and the environment.

Notification Requirements – Through the MCP, MassDEP regulates what incidents must be reported and the notification procedures required. Depending on the type and severity of release, there are three time frames for notification: 2-hour; 72-hour; and 120-day. Based on the notification, there are several types of preliminary response actions that could result: Limited Removal Action (LRA), Immediate Response Actions (IRA), or Release Abatement Measures (RAM). I will dedicate future posts to discuss these specific individual notifications and response actions.

LSP – A Licensed Site Professional (LSP) is an individual authorized to oversee the assessment and cleanup of contaminated property. MassDEP developed a licensing procedure for remediation specialists who have met testing, training and experience requirements. This program relies on LSPs to coordinate remediation activities, minimizing MassDEP involvement to mainly oversight services. The involvement of an LSP is required in most MCP related projects.

Richard Cote, P.E., LSP is a Licensed Site Professional and Registered Professional Engineer with 35+ years of site assessment and hazardous waste remediation experience. Contact him directly at Comprehensive Environmental, 800.725.2550 or rcote@ceiengineers.com.

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