On-Call Contracts & Pre-Qualifications

CEI provides engineering and environmental services for numerous Federal and State agencies throughout the region.

Along the way we’ve proven our ability to complete a variety of projects to the highest satisfaction of our client agencies. As a result of CEI’s proven qualifications and experience, we have been selected for various ‘On-Call’ contracts and prequalification status among a variety of entities allowing clients to either hire us directly or request proposals with reduced procurement requirements, saving time and money.
By taking advantage of our prequalification status and contract vehicles you can:

  • Eliminate a long procurement process;
  • Reduce administrative burden;
  • Save budget with often pre-negotiated low rates; and
  • Expect the same high quality staff and deliverables you’ve come to know from CEI.

CEI currently has on-call contracts or Master Service Agreements with various Federal and State agencies including state, transportation departments, DOD and the U.S. EPA.

For more information, please contact: Stephanie Hanson at 800.725.2550 x318 or email [email protected].