Keeping Parks and Recreational Playgrounds Safe

Did you know there are over 200,000 injuries on public playgrounds each year throughout the U.S. that require trips to the emergency room? An inspection by a Certified Playground Safety Inspector (CPSI) trained to recognize and prevent potential playground hazards can reduce your exposure and prevent some of these accidents. CPSI’s are knowledgeable in the areas of Hazard Identification, Protective Surfacing, Playground Environment, Inspection and Maintenance, and Risk Management. They understand current standards and guidelines, are competent with testing and auditing tools, and adhere to the CPSI Code of Professional Practice.

The following services can be provided to owners/operators of public playgrounds:

  • Development of a Risk Management Plan
  • Development of a Site Plan (GPS all equipment and surfacing, GIS mapping)
  • Playground Safety Audit
  • Development of Customized Inspection Forms for Preventative and Routine Maintenance
  • Training of Playground Maintenance Staff
  • Development of an Accident Action Plan
  • Planning Assistance for New Playgrounds
  • Development of a Site History File 

During a Playground Safety Audit our CPSI will: 

  • Evaluate the playground environment;
  • Inspect the layout, condition, and use zones of all play equipment/structures;
  • Check for and identify potential hazards related to impalement, head or neck entrapment, entanglement, and crush/shear;
  • Inspect guardrails and protective barriers for elevated surfaces, including platforms and ramps;
  • Inspect and determine adequacy of protective surfacing under and around playground equipment;
  • Rank/prioritize any hazards identified; and
  • Provide recommended corrective actions.

CEI’s services will help you to ensure the safety of your playground users, keep your playground equipment operational, and use your resources efficiently.