CEI and EagleEye Aerobotics™ take the safety and security of our staff, clients, residents, public/private property and natural resources very seriously. Prior to any flights CEI pilots follow strict sUAS protocols to layout the flight course and identify any safety and security measures that need to take place well in advance of the mission. 

Below are a few questions and answers we have been asked pertaining to privacy and security.



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  • How are we protected in case of an accident?

    CEI’s EagleEye Aerobotics™ is fully licensed and insured with sUAS specific insurance. Our pilots are trained in all safety protocols.  

  • Is it legal to fly over private property?

    Yes. However we understand that there are privacy concerns particular to sUAS. Depending on the project, there are options for addressing these concerns. For example:

    • Residents or property owners can be notified prior to a flight

    • In particularly sensitive locations, our software can blur faces or private property information.

    In general, we do not intentionally fly over moving vehicles or unprotected people without taking substantial steps to mitigate any risk. Flying over people can be subject to the 90 day FAA waiver period.

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