EagleEye Aerobotics™ can help at every stage of your project. From preliminary planning to construction inspection, our enigneers and scientists can customize flights to meet your specific needs with rapid post-processing of collected images and data to suit your project goals.

Below are some common questions and answers related to our aerobotics services.




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  • What is the resulting image resolution?

    Our Small Unmanned Aerial Systems (sUAS) typically have a minimum of a 12 MP camera capable of recording in full 4k Ultra High Definition video. At routine flight altitudes of 200 feet, the orthomosaics have a ground scale spatial resolution of roughly 1 inch per pixel. Far greater resolutions can be obtained from lower altitudes. By contrast, satellite based orthomosaics are currently in the 16-64 inch per pixel range.

  • What is the lead time for flights?

    Generally a minimum of 24 hours if there are no airspace restrictions in the area. However in congested flight areas, the lead time may be over 90 days in order to obtain an FAA waiver. Within 5 miles of airports with towers such as Logan International Airport, it is best to request permission well ahead of the flight. Feel free to call us with the location of your plan to fly over and we can be more specific.

  • What are the weather and daylight restrictions?

    In most cases, temperatures colder than 10° F, conditions with rain or snow, or wind gusts that exceed 25 miles per hour will restrict flights. Night flights are generally restricted without a specific waiver from FAA for a particular purpose. The usual daylight hours are dawn to dusk. Depending on the quality of the product desired, it may be necessary to wait for ideal sunny conditions.

  • What are the operating restrictions of the sUAS?

    Flights are generally below 400 feet unless an FAA waiver is obtained prior to the flight. However there are exceptions that allow a vertical assent around buildings or other tall structures that result in the ability to obtain footage as high as 400 feet above the structure. Airspace restrictions still apply.

  • Is licensing state by state?

    No, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulates sUAS and is charged with the licensing of commercial sUAS pilots. 

  • How do I schedule a project?

    Our pilots will work with you to plan your project to make sure you get the outcome you are looking for. Once scheduled, CEI will fly the site(s) to obtain the sUAS footage, then post process it depending on the final product you desire. Product options include stills and photomosaics, elevation mapping and 3D models.

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